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Chattel Slavery and Reparations: A Quick Overview

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Dr. Saoud Moussa Baccus provides an outline of the difficult issue of reparations in this opinion post. The chattel slavery trade was a lucrative enterprise that mostly operated on the American continent. The author refers to the June 2023 publication of the Brattle Report, which states that the colonizing nations responsible for this abhorrent trade owe the descendants of those who perished in chattel slavery between 100-131 trillion USD in reparations. Dr. Baccus also discusses the different concerns related to slavery in Mauritius.

Britain, by far the biggest culprit, carries naturally the biggest debt reparation. It owes 24tn USD in reparations to 14 countries, Spain 17.1tn USD, France 9.2tn USD, and the Netherlands 4.86tn USD.

Last year, the City of San Francisco recommended the payment of 5 million USD to each eligible Black resident of the city in the name of reparation for the harms stemming from slavery.

(...) Only the Catholic Church has issued an apology for its role in human trafficking (in Mauritius) with nary a word on financial reparations.
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